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Introducing: Pai Skincare

As every so often, this line exists thanks to a strong woman who eventually decided to do her own thing – to the good of so many of us. For years Sarah Brown had suffered from very bad skin allergy, taking highly-dosed anti-histamine pills every day. At one point she stopped – and took a turn in life, quitting her job and getting trained in several skin care disciplines. In 2007 she launched Pai, this amazingly soothing skincare line for stressed, irritated, and damaged skin.

Pai is a Maori word, meaning excellence and/or goodness – summing up greatly the core value of this company: quality in everything they do. The full line is developed and produced in their own facilities in West London and certified by the Soil Association, with ingredients and manufacturing processes undergoing yearly inspections.

Oh, and speaking about ingredients: there’s German Chamomile, Echium, Fragonia, Amaranth, Rosehip…all organically grown, of course, with wonderful inflammatory and calming properties. No wonder Natalie Portman is a fan! My recommendation is to start with the Camelia and Rose Hydrating Cleanser: it has a super creamy texture and leaves your skin moistured – and clean.

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