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Running a shop/being a mum

So, here it is: the truth about my first two weeks of running the shop – and being a mum.

Day 1 (Tues): First day went OK-ish…lots of visits from friends and family members, no customers. Uuuha. Coming home in the evening, child appears to behave weirdly. Turns out he got sick with a virus. Threw up every half hour the whole (!) night.

Day 2 (Wed): No sleep. Husband cancels all meetings for the day and stays home. The zombie (me) goes to the shop. Some fraud guy talks me into giving him money. Please. Don’t ask.

Day 5 (Sat): Official opening in the afternoon. Husband arrives with child. I keep thinking: ‚Hmm. Why does he (the child!) feel so hot?‘ When we finally arrive home it turns out he has fever. Oh gosh…

Days 6 to 11 (Tues to Sat): Things are calming down. I really enjoy speaking with my customers and telling the stories of the brands I have on display. Many people return after having taken samples at their first visit. Yeah!

Days before day 12 (Sun to Tues): Child has fever. Again. Luckily it is Monday and it is the day before a public holiday. Plus, the shop is closed on Mondays. Going to the doctor. Diagnosis: scarlet fever. WHAT THE HELL???!!! Spending the night trying to bring down the fever. No sleep. Wednesday is approaching….

Day 12 (Wed): I put a sign up that the shop is closed until 1pm. Husband takes over childcare in the afternoon. Child is getting better. Kindergarden seems to be possible for the next day. That would be good, because there is a photographer scheduled to take pictures of the shop at 10am and husband has to be at work, no matter what.

Day 13 (Thurs): Had a great night (this is not ironic!). Getting up around 7am, having breakfast, husband leaves for work. Child looks tired. Rhetorical question: ‚You want to go to bed?‘ Completely non-rhetorical answer: ‚Yes‘. I’m freaking out. Putting child to bed. Child falls asleep at 8.45am. I think I am having troubles breathing properly. Should have done some more yoga recently. Calling photographer. She is running late 45 minutes anyway. Hurrah! Plan to be at the shop at 11am. Arrive 11.30am. (Did I mention that I actually open at 10.30am??) With my child and all his toys (at least that’s how it felt like carrying everything from the car to the shop). Child is in good mood. Husband arrives an hour later to take him back home.

Day 14 (tomorrow): I don’t know. If I may ask: keep your fingers crossed for me. And please…forgive me, in case you are standing in front of a closed shop door. I am doing my best, really, but you know, sometimes it is just not enough….

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