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Introducing our Brands: A.S. Apothecary

Amanda Saurin – a plant grower, gatherer, distiller and the founder of this wonderful brand – is a traditional Apothecary with an in-depth knowledge about herbs and homeopathy. With each of her products you can get a sense of her love of plants, growing, making and healing. Every oil, balm and cream has a holistic influence: it will have an effect on your skin, body, and your soul.

The company is based at an organic farm in Sussex, UK. Chamomile, roses, calendula, clary sage and lavender are grown and distilled here – in a 200 litre hand-beaten copper alembic still. Bitter orange blossom, pink pepper and geranium are distilled in Cyprus; thyme, meadowsweet, ladies bedstraw, and other wind-hardy plants at the Isle of Harris. Amanda believes in travelling to the plants, letting them grow and thrive in different landscapes to capture the essential vitality that lies within each of them.

Almost needless to say that everything is hand-made in this small batch distillery, every single pot is marked with an edition number that correlates to a specific batch, capturing a particular seasonal moment. Try the cleansing oil #5 or the face cream #3 to soothe your skin. Do not forget to smell the scent first, then apply, and indulge.

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